5 Ways to Seduce a Woman Instantly

Published: 01st April 2008
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Everyone has their own unique opinion about the best ways to seduce women. If you ask a man, he will have a few tricks up his sleeve, but many will not be that effective. If you ask a woman, they may be able to offer you a unique set of advice, but is this advice universal for all women? If you are looking for 5 ways to seduce a woman, you have come to the right place. Every woman is different, though, and you cannot expect that these will work on all of them. Still, arm your flirting and seduction arsenal with these tips and tricks, and expand your tool box as you learn and practice.

1. Talk dirty to her - It has been said that getting a woman thinking about sex is enough to get her thinking about having sex with you. This may not be spot on, but it is still possible to use cues to urge her into bed. You do not necessarily have to be talking explicitly about sex in order to get her in the mood, but if the time is right and your conversation begins to take on some sexual undertones, you should have a very real picture of whether or not she wants to sleep with you fairly easily.

2. Ask gentle questions about her sexual history. Don't ask her "How many times have you had sex?" But you may feel comfortable enough to ask her if she's ever done it in daring places, or on a dare, or with someone who's name she didn't know. This only really works on women who are open, and if you find your partner withdrawing at the sight of your questions, you need to stop. If she seems responsive, on the other hand, keep probing gently, and get her talking. She can actually lead herself into a flurry of sexual feelings just by recounting some of her wilder experiences, which is the perfect time for you to swoop in.

3. Entice her to bring up her fantasies. Let her tell you what she is into, without directly asking. Probe her fantasies a bit, and get her to tell you what she'd be interested in doing. You can ask what she would do if her favorite movie star walked in, and if she's willing, she'll tell you everything she'd do to get him to be with her. Don't take advantage of her fantasies, but you should still feel open to using them ease her into bed.

4. Show her that you're in control. We're not talking about trying to be the alpha male, or trying to be cocky in any way. Still, show her that you are in control by offering to order her meal, opening doors for her; basically just leading the way. Don't be an asshole, just be assertive and show her that you are concerned about providing her with a good experience. This may not cause her to rip her clothes off and jump you, but it will relax her a great deal more and may help her gain interest in a nightcap.

5. Fascinate her. If she's bored, or seems disinterested, find some way to fascinate her. No cards, magic tricks, personality tests or surveys, please. Talk to her about your hobbies, ask her about hers. Getting her to open up about her life and personality is a great way not only to learn a lot about her, but also to rekindle her interest in the date.

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