Smooth Pick Up Lines That Can Seduce Any Woman

Published: 21st January 2008
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Striking up a conversation with an attractive woman can be nerve-wracking. She's standing over there with a group of her friends as you try to figure out the best way to approach her.

Regrettably, you opt to use one of the smooth pick up lines your friends give you.

And immediately after you utter these words, she walks off in disgust.

You know you blew your chance at a happy ending because you chose to utilize such a cheesy pick up technique.

Smooth pick up lines never work to get a woman's positive attention. Rather than using these canned conversation starters, you should attempt to come up with original and unique things to say to her.

If you're still struggling to come up with the right thing to say, here are several proven methods that will be successful at getting her to notice you in a good way:

1) Situational conversation starter

Be perceptive and learn how to make the most of your surroundings. If you see an event that's especially funny or unusual, you can take it as an opportunity to initiate an exchange with a woman who also saw the occurrence. Telling a joke or making a witty remark will appease any awkwardness about the situation and you'll impress her with your ability to think on your toes.

2) Just be yourself

Don't be afraid to walk up to an attractive woman and introduce yourself. This simple-yet-effective technique is successful because you are setting yourself apart from all of the guys who try to win her over with crazy gimmicks. Your confident, honest demeanor will seem refreshing to her and you'll get her attention with your genuine attitude.

3) Be Funny

Every woman loves a man who knows how to tell a joke. Remember to carry yourself in a slightly arrogant manner while attempting to make her laugh.

Use every opportunity to tease her just enough to make her believe you are a prize she should strive to win for herself. The essence of this method is that you're not being obnoxious about the fact that you're trying to pick her up.

Smooth pick up lines won't work to get a woman's attention in a positive way. You should consider your other options before using them.

Next time you choose to initiate a conversation with an attractive woman, use one of the above techniques. You'll discover just how much more effective they are than smooth pick up lines.

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